President Trump Cla-imed That His Son Barron’s Covid-19 Infection Was ‘Gone’ In Just 15 Minutes – VIDEO

Donald Trump says his son Barron recovered from Covid-19 so quickly he didn’t even know he had it.

During a rambling speech in Des Moines, Iowa, the President confirmed his son had tested positive for the Covid- adding: “Barron is beautiful and he’s free.”

The President arrived at the Des Moines airfield in windy weather – and wore a hat on stage to avoid his hair getting me-ssed up.

In a change to previous events, Trump removed his tie a few minutes into his stump speech – which frequently goes on for well over an hour.

And President Trump cla!med he could have recovered from the di*ease without treatment.”Maybe I would have been perfect anyway,” he said. “I like to say I didn’t need it, I would have been perfect anyway because I’m so strong.”

Later in his speech, he welcomed Iowa wre-stling legend Dan Gable onto the stage, greeting him with an “elbow bump” before saying: “Hey Dan, I’m immune and I can’t give it to you, so that’s good.”After reeling off a string of att-acks on rival Joe Biden, the President turned to his son’s d!agnosis, which had been revealed in a statement by wife Melania a few hours earlier.

Trump said: “Barron Trump you know he had the corona 19, the China v!rus. It’s got 20 different names, but to me Corona means Italy.”China is China, and it came from China so he had the china v!rus, right?”And he had it for such a short period of time, I don’t even think he knew he had it.

“Because they’re young and their immune systems are strong and they f!ght it off.”He went on to say Barron, 14, had had the di*ease for “like two seconds” before testing neg-ative.” Because people have it and it goes,” he said.”Get the kids back to school, you’ve got to get the kids back to school. Get em back.”

He turned to his own experience of the v!rus, saying: “When I had it, you might have read I had it too. I didn’t love it.”Speaking in more detail than in previous speeches, the President said: “It’s a little tough you know I had the temperature and you don’t feel good.”But the sca-riest part is where is it going? You know you’ve got a 101 or 102 and then you say “I don’t love this”.

“You haven’t had a temperature in years and then all of a sudden you have it. But you see what happens to people.”He cla!med to have been given the option of a series of treatments while in Walter Reed military hospital, from which he had selected Regeneron. In fact, Trump was administered a cocktail of treatments, including antibodies, stero!ds, and other treatments.

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