Billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Ex Princess Haya Paid British Bodyguard Lover £1.2M To Keep Silent On Their Affair

Princess Haya, the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is said to have “sed-uced” 37-year-old Russell Flowers before the pair had a two-year relationship.

The princess, 46, reportedly gave him a £50,000 vi-ntage shotg-un, a £12,000 watch and a personalised RU55ELLS number plate.

Their affair came to light during her High Court hearing aga!nst her 70-year-old estranged husband. She eventually won cu-stody of their two children and they currently live in an £85m home in Kensington, West London.

Flowers’ wife was “deva-stated” by the affair and it ended their four-year marriage, reports MailOnline.His wife’s friends have now revealed how she found out about their secret relationship.

A close pal told MailOnline: “Russell’s wife believed he was sed*ced by the money and gifts. She gave him lots of expensive gifts and made sure that he was always by her side.“On overseas trips, the princess would always insist that they have connecting rooms.“When she was in the UK she would be out with him almost every night and sometimes they did not return home until the following morning.

“I was told Russell had his head turned and went from a loving husband to someone his wife did not recognise.”The princess d!sputes some of the claims being made about their affair, according to the website. The family friend said his wife noticed Russell would be receiving calls and messages every night when he would get home. Flowers spent five years in the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and started working for the princess full time in 2016.

He was reportedly given Rolex and Audemars Piguet watches after accompanying her on a number of trips. The friend added: “The family were always generous to their bodyguards. The sheikh would often pay out between £5,000 and £15,000 as a tip.“But the gifts Russell received were far above that.”

A close friend said his wife became suspicious when she found photos of Haya posing in a swimming costume.Flowers then started working out with a personal trainer and his wife later found a packet of co*doms in his washbag, the friend said. They added that his wife’s “heart sa-nk” because “she knew he was having an affair”.A few months later he told his wife he didn’t love her any more but denied he was having a relationship with the princess, the friend added.

In 2017, Flowers left his wife and they later got d!vorced. The friend said he had “betr-ayed” his wife and added: “Russell should be as*amed of the way he treated his wife. His behaviour was d!sgusting.“Haya should be as*amed of the way she went after a married man. There is no excuse.“It was because of her wealth and power that she was able to do this. Many lives have been ru!ned because of this affair.”

Flowers and the princess were based at her and the Sheikh’s 3,000-acre estate, Dalham Hall, which is near Newmarket in Suffolk. Insiders told MailOnline that three other bodyguards who were aware of the affair were paid £1.2million to keep quiet. Flowers refu-sed to comment when contacted by the website.

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