Pro Gamer Who Broke Up With ‘World’s Ho-ttest Weather Girl’ Has Defended His Decision Again – VIDEO

Douglas Martin – who’s known by his gamer tag FaZe Censor – ended the relationship with Garcia almost half a year ago and it seems people still haven’t got over it.

Although he released a 15-minute video about the separation in October 2018, giving his reasons, he’s still being called out in the comments for a decision others deem du-mb. Even Yanet has spoken publicly about the separation.

In fact, last week he quote tweeted an article about how young men (apparently) want to play video games rather than have s*x.

With no mention of Yanet, the 24-year-old Call of Duty pro – who’s on notable teams such as Quantic Nex-TT-hreat, Str!ctly Business, FaZe Black, and FaZe Clan – once again reasoned about how important his career is to him.

But some people read between the lines and figured Censor was referencing his 2018 separation with the 28-year-old Mexican broadcaster.

Alongside the tweet, he said: My parents were concerned because I didn’t k!ss a girl throughout high school. To me, it was more important to be #1 in the world in CoD [Call of Duty], that opportunity wouldn’t always be there. Glad I made that decision.

Moral of the story: make your career your priority and let everything else fall into place. It will work itself out, and you’ll definitely be pleased with the outcome.

Replying to the Twitter jury who decided to pass comment, he added: You’re not seeing it the way it was intended.Moral of the tweet: don’t put girls over your career.

Focus on your career and let the women come to you. I believe if you want something you have to give it everything you have.

I didn’t see any point in even fl!rting with the idea of speaking to a girl because it would d!stract me from my goal. let’s be honest, we’ll never know the whole truth of anyone’s relationships but our own, so fair (game)play to Censor for being so self-assured in his decisions and career drive.