Meet This 88 Year Old Tutor Has Been Teaching Math For More Than 70 Years

Delores Spencer, who has been a math teacher in Hampton, Virginia for more than 70 years, continues to tutor students around the world for free through Facebook Live at the age of 88! During the pa!de*ic, students tra!siti*ned to learning from home and many struggl-ed to understand the lessons.

Spen-cer decided to come forward to help students, particularly about the Math subject. “It’s been a wonderful experience to reach out to so many people,” Spen-cer told WTKR. “If I teach you how to do it, you can do it just as well as I can. It’s so great when you see the light come on in their mind  and they say, ‘Oh!’ And that’s  when they got it.”

Since last year, Spen-cer has been tutoring ‘Math Made Simple’ live on her Facebook page every Tuesday night for free. “My thing is emphasizing and understanding the concepts because that’s what tra!sfera-ble when you go to another level,” Spen-cer said. From then on, students from the United States and other countries have been watching the videos.

Other teachers are also sharing the video. The videos have over 100,000 views so far. Spen-cer has no plans of re!iri*g soon as she continues tut-oring and helping more students. She said, “As long as I can do this — as long as it’s helping — I’m really willing to do this.”