Rebel Wilson Showed Off Her Trim And Toned Figure In series Of Snaps From Her Weekend To Miami Beach

Rebel Wilson was the image of elegance while posing for pictures aboard a luxury private jet in her latest Instagram post. The 41-year-old JoJo Rabbit star showed off her trim and toned physique in a series of snaps from her weekend getaway to Miami Beach.

Rebel stu-nned in an off-the-shoulder top with elegant maribou feathers along the neckline, looking every bi* the movie star as she vamped it up for the camera. Rebel – who recently shed 60lbs – also donned high-waisted bla*k yoga shorts that emphasized her fit figure with a black and gold belt that cinched her taut midriff

The Aussie talent sported strappy bla*k sandals with silver studs as she sto-od in the aisle of the sleek private jet. She accessorized with a pair of oversized tan cat-eye sunglasses.

The blonde beauty’s hair was swept into a high ponytail as she lounged back in her seat and stared out of the window of the plane ahead of her flight. ‘The a*cent! thanks Griffin for taking these photos after I quick changed in the toilet,’ Rebel wrote in the caption, adding an emoji of a smiley face with its tongue st!ck*ng out.

In the snaps she also showed off a moss green Yves Saint Laurent quilted crossbody purse with a braided gold chain and gold hardware. It may have been the same purse that Rebel was referring to in a recent interview with InStyle magazine when asked what she had been splur-ging on lately.

‘I just bought a Yves Saint Laurent handbag after finishing The Almond and the Seahorse because I’m trying to be healthier and treat myself with things that are not food anymore,’ she told the magazine.

The movie star was returning from a trip to Florida to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. After her quick photosho-ot, she took some selfies inside the plane along with a shot of the view outside her window and photo of her friends including actor Sam Kennedy who flashed a peace sign.

Wilson oozed confidence after opening up to InStyle about her recent weight l*ss. She had declared on Instagram last year that 2020 would be her Year Of Health. Asked about how she stays motivated to exercise with such a busy schedule, Rebel said, ‘During The Almond and the Seahorse, I was working with two incredible European actresses.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Trine Dyrholm, and they were amazed at my discipline because every morning I was up in the gym at the hotel working out for 90 minutes before a full day of fil*ing.

‘But that’s just my life now,’ she continued. ‘I watched the Mark Wahlberg docuseries [Wahl Street] and saw how he gets up and trains every morning and manages his time, I was like, “That’s similar to what I’ve been doing.”’ ‘Although I don’t want to get up at 4 a.m. like Mark. laughs Quite a lot, I do have to get up at 6 a.m. though,’ she added.

Upon reflecting back on her Year Of Health, Rebel said, ‘Now that I know I can do it, sometimes I feel sad that I didn’t do it earlier. Maybe I should have tri*d when I was 30, not 40.’ She went on to say, ‘But everybody’s journey is different, and it’s not a race or competition. I’ve always been a bit of a late developer.

I started acting when I was turning 19, which is quite late. And when I came to America as an actress, I was almost 30, which again, is quite late. ‘So I try not to compare myself to other people.

But I have a natural empathy for anyone who s*ru*gles with weight issues because that’s something I’ve always s*rug*led with. And that’s why I put things on Instagram about my journey. ‘Obviously, I have access to some amazing high-tech tr-eatm-ents, but what I learned is it’s really the little things that I do every day that make a difference,’ Wilson told the magazine.

‘Like today, I went for a walk at Griffith Park [in L.A.] and that’s free. Anyone can go on walks and dr*** more water and do little, cons-istent things that’ll improve their lives. It’s not too late to start, no matter what age you are. ‘

While on her vacation, the Bridesmaids actress attended the World Pride Polo Tournament at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Miami Beach ahead of her departure.

She had on the same bl-ack ensemble as she posed with actor Sterling Jones on the red carpet. ‘Yes we tongue kissed #worldpridepolo @grandchampionspoloclub,’ Wilson captioned the shot, adding a trophy emoji.