Rapper Future Has Reportedly Been Ordered To Pay $3,200 In Child Support To Baby Mama Eliza Reign

Future and the mother of his daughter Reign, Eliza Seraphin, have been at w*r for the last two years.

Perhaps one of the most fer*cious legal ba*tles that Future has found himself at the center of, it looks like the rapper and Seraphin have reached a satisfactory amount in terms of monthly child support.

A General Magistrate judge in Broward County recommended Future pay his baby mama, $3,200 in monthly child support after Future’s accountant said it was his opinion the rapper is only making about $30,000 a month from working.

According to Eliza Reign’s attorney, Future’s accountant testified he has no idea how much he’s earned but the $30,000-figure was an opinion based on what Future has now.

Eliza’s attorney Brandon Rotbart said they disagreed with it in response to the recommended child support amount, adding that they had some other evidence that was contradictory. The good news for Eliza is the amount is only temporary as the judge made the decision without pre*udice meaning the child support amount can be modified at any time, according to Rotbart who said “It’s only just begun.”

“We are very hopeful that once we get all the documentation from him, his banking info, his credit card info, that the final child support number would be substantially higher,” Rotbart said. He added that the retr*active child support Future has to pay Eliza is still pending. At some point, Rotbart said they will have to take a deposition of Future.

Ultimately, Rotbart says the guideline amount they are requesting in monthly child support is $50,000.While the child support ba*tle is just beginning, it seems the pettiness between Future and Eliza has been on the decline.Future recently dropped his def*mation suit aga!nst his child’s mother.

This was just a few months after it was determined by paternity test that he was the father of Eliza’s daughter and after Eliza reportedly wanted him jailed for fa!ling to hand over his financial records.This comes months after Eliza shot down his $1,000 lowball offer. Previously, she and her lawyer had demanded a whopping $53,000 per month but it was unlikely they would be getting that much.The two head back to court next week for another child support-related hearing.

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