Rapper Ice Cube Facing Alot Of Backla-sh For Decision To Work With Trump Administration

Ice Cube was branded a ‘sell-out’ and ‘hyp*crite!te’ on social media on Wednesday night after it was revealed the rapper has been working with President Trump to help craft his ‘Platinum Plan’ for bla-ck Americans.

The contr*versy was first st!rred after Trump’s campaign adviser Katrina Pierson gave him a ‘sho*tout for his willingness to step up and work with [the Trump] administration’ on Twitter.

‘Leaders gonna lead, ha*ers gonna h*te – thank you for leading’ Pierson added, along with a bla-ck first-bump emoji.

Although news of the unexpected collaboration was not a direct endorsement for Trump, Ice Cube, 51, has faced a sw-ell of backl*sh in the hours since from sho*ked and confu-sed fans who are asking ‘how do you go from NWA to MAGA?’

Author Roxane G*y tweeted the same question, and also asked ‘Good lord … how much are they paying Ice Cube?’Another user lamba*ted The Boyz in da Ho-od for allowing himself to become a pawn in Trump’s apparent bid to ‘buy the bla-ck vote’.

‘I think it’s sad that we as BLA-CKS can see what this man has done to divide this country and to de*troy the bla-ck ra-ce for years!!!,’ the user wrote. ‘He is only reaching out for a platinum plan to try to BUY the bla-ck vote.My vote is not for sale. My ice cube just melted!!!! Boy bye’.

‘My Hip-Hop HERO Ice Cube is working with the Darkside,’ added Danny Morrison. ‘I haven’t felt this low since Kobe passed. Heartbre-aking.’Morrison continued that he believes Ice Cube has overlooked how much his voice means to the bla-ck community, and ‘when we see you “jumping the shark”, it K!LLS us. Especially in 2020.’

TV writer and personality Toure shared a similar opinion, insisting: ‘To discuss Bla-ck l!beration with Trump in the waning days of an election shows that you’re willing to be used as a pawn who will make people think that Trump is seriously willing to discuss Bla-ck liberation. He is not.’

Other fans of the rapper and actor also resurfaced one of his tweets from 2016, in which he insisted, ‘I will never endorse a motha****a like Donald Trump! EVER!!!.’‘No Vaseline’, the title of his famed 1991 d!ss-track which includes the line ‘I never have dinner with the president’, also began trending with observes branding Ice Cube a hyp*crite in light of his meetings with the White House.

‘Ice cube is just water to me now,’ one user tweeted in response. Amid the backla*h, The Barbershop star so-ught to assure cr!tics that his decision to work with the Trump campaign comes as part of a bigger purpose. The President’s Platinum Plan is a four-year program that pledges to help create three million new jobs for African Americans.

Ice Cube tweeted that his efforts were bi*artisan, as he’d reached out to both sides about his proposed Contract With Bl-ack America. Ice Cube – real name O’Shea Jackson – formed the program in August with the intention of ‘str!king at the heart of rac!sm and [presenting] a blueprint to achieve rac!al economic justice,’ he said.

‘Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me,’ Ice Cube tweeted. ‘Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.’According to Ice Cube’s rep, Trump’s campaign responded more enthusiastically to the initiative than Biden’s. But fellow actor Don Cheadle asked: ‘what “adjustments” specifically? and what’s your en-dgame?’

On Wednesday night, Ice Cube also responded to Danny Morrison’s tweet voicing disappointment he was working for the ‘Darkside’.’ Every side is the Darkside for us here in America,’ Ice Cube replied. ‘They’re all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all che-at but we can’t afford to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bi*artisan.’

Earlier this week he took to the site with a clip titled ‘DON’T K!LL THE MESSENGER’ in which he said he’d met with reps for both parties to detail his plan, and was focused on being involved regardless of whether Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden won the upcoming presidential election.’We gotta just pu-sh whoever’s in there because ain’t nobody really solved our problems,’ he said. ‘People say we can’t take another four years of this – bla-ck people, s***, we can take anything.’

Ice Cube has not yet publicly endorsed either Trump or Joe Biden, however, he has used his Twitter account to offer his political opinions including a cr!tique of Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his plans for the Bla-ck community.‘I believe Joe Biden still needs to show us his MAJOR plan to help heal the BL-ACK community to totally secure the vote,’ he tweeted back in June.

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