Stay Out My Damn Business : Rapper JT Responds To Troll Who Criticized Her Hairstyle

JT of the City Girls has made it clear that she is not the one or the two, and she reminded everyone of that early Wednesday when she responded to a fan who had something to say about her recent red carpet hairstyle. This past Sunday, JT was one of the many celebrities that graced the red carpet for the 2021 BET Awards.

While many fans discussed the looks of their favorite celebrities, some people were focused on JT’s hairstyle, and it seems to still be a main topic of discussion. One fan shared a photoshopped image of JT’s hairstyle and changed it into a high bun hairstyle with her hair falling in the back.

She tweeted the photo and said, “I just did what had to be done.” JT retweeted the photo and cla*ped back at the fan and said, “You actually made me look a mess, I’m beautiful.

I don’t need to edit myself. Edit them rolls on your neck.”She followed up with another tweet and asked, “Why do ppl call me mean for making jokes back?” JT’s hairstyle was only temporary because once inside of the award show she had a different hairstyle when she and Yung Miami hit the stage to perform their current single “Twerkulator.”


When another f**n asked why she didn’t wear another hairstyle on the carpet JT responded, “BECAUSE I LIKED MY HAIR I WANTED A VERY SHARP HAIR LINE! Videos looked totally different I wish y’all & Getty stay out my damn business let it go I done changed hair 5 times since!”