Rapper Kodak Black Has Wished Former President Donald Trump Happy 75th Birthday

If it’s your birthday, make some noise! Last week Kodak Black celebrated his 24th birthday in a big way, but today he took some time to show love to former President Donald Trump. Kodak made sure Donnie felt the love on his 75th birthday. Kodak popped out on the ‘gram wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ navy blue hat signed by Donnie, paired with a ‘Trump 2020 Keep America Great’ tra*k jacket.

The majority of people didn’t fault Kodak for wishing Donnie a happy birthday. If you recall, in January, on Donnie’s last day of being in office, he granted clemency to Kodak, Lil, Wayne, and 100 others. Over 10,000 people commented on Kodak’s Instagram post. One commented, “At the end of the day, Trump gave you freedom. Can’t be mad for you repping him.” Another commented, “We know you grateful Kodak, but you don’t gotta do this.”

In the caption, Kodak wrote, “#HappyBirthdayTrump DT @realdonaldtrump #HappyBirthdayKodak #GeminiGang #FeelinPeachy Out Now.” ‘Feelin’ Peachy’ is his latest single that he dro**ed the music video for last week. It comes off his four-song EP ‘Happy Birthday Kodak.’ In the colorful music video, two women resembled the Clermont Twins, and they didn’t seem to like it.

As we recently reported, the twins shared their di*like of the women featured in the visual. Shannade and Shannon called the women and Kodak out in a few Instagram story posts. The twins wrote, “Nahh, whew. LMAO, if we weren’t in the budget, just say that.” They continued in another post, saying it’s getting weird next to a screensh*t of the two women from the video. The Clermont twins continued by saying, “What you bought ve*sus what you get. Or is it what you want versus what you can af*ord,” in one final post.