Rapper Metro Marrs Arrested For ‘Throwing $10k Into Crowd’ During Graduation- Viedo

Metro Marrs, record label Quality Control’s youngest artist, was enjoying his big day along with his classmates of Langston Hughes High School, Georgia, when he decided to make it rain. In recording shared on social media, Marrs can be seen standing on the stage and pulling out hand-fuls of bills, which had been strapped to his body, and ch*ck!ng them into the cr**d below.

Uns*rprisingl*, this appeared to go down very well with many of those in attendance, however, police were later seen taking him away, reportedly as a result of the stunt.

But despite this, Marrs told the Shade Room he didn’t regret his actions and was just excited to see his friends again after a year of being out of the classroom. He told the site: “I was creating a moment that would be memorable. I had to do that for the last time. Everybody was lit! “We graduating high school!”

According to reports, Marrs was deta-ined by police for several hours before being released, and it is unclear as to whether he will face charges for the stunt. LADbible has contacted Fairb*rn Police Department for comment.

Despite the commotion ca-used by it all, Marrs said his schoolmates have his back. “They root for me, they’re on my side,” Metro said. “They’ve seen me develop as an artist while I was in school. I’ve been doing music since 9th grade.”

Marrs’ parents reportedly made graduating from high school a condition if he was to sign for Quality Control and follow a career in music.

Now that he has made it, Marrs is set to release a mixtape next month and a video for his song ‘Live it Up’. In an even more bizarre incident involving police attending a school, a woman was recently a*res*ed for posing as a student in Florida. The cops said Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, snuck into American Senior High School in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, on 10 May in a bid to promote her Instagram account.

After being a*reste*, she was charged with burglary, interference with an educational institution and resisting an officer without v!ole*ce.

According to the arrest report, she had been able to blend in with other students by wearing a backpack, dressing similarly to them and carry!ng a skateboard. Once inside, she approached students and handed them pamphlets with her Instagram details printed on them, asking them to follow her page.