Man Arr-ested Recorded In CAM While Trying To Ri-p Cross From Roof Of Church In East London – VIDEO

The footage, which was posted on social media, appears to show the man repeatedly pu*ling at the wooden cross from its base above the entrance to Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in Romford.

The man put the ho-od of a coat over the top of the cross and can be seen trying to pu*l the cross down several times and release it from its base.

Metropolitan Police said cops were called at 2.40 pm today to the church on High Road. A man was ar*ested at the scene on susp!cion of cr!minal da-mage.

A police spokesman said the cross had been recovered and the man was still in police cu*tody. The Sun Online has contacted Chadwell Heath Baptist Church for comment.Ba*king and Dagenham Police said in a Twitter message:

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media of a male ca-using da*age to religious premises on High Road, Chadwell Heath.” A male has been ar*ested and the matter is being invest!gated. Any witnesses please call 101 qu!te cad 4071/18OCT. 323EA.”

Earlier this month yo-bs were caught trying to start a f!re inside a Glasgow Catholic Church as it was being prepared to hold a fune*al service. The group of va-ndals was reportedly caught in the act after bre-aking their way into St Gregory’s Church in Kelvindale before being ch-ased off.

The pair, who were described as youths, sma*hed their way into the church through a window at the side of the building and set about ca-using de-struction. They were then caught in the act by Father Allan who is believed to have cha-sed them off.

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