Kindhearted Retired Nurse Uses Her Pension To Feed Thousands Of Her Distressed Neighbours Every Month

Numerous people in this world are waiting for someone to help them. A retired nurse from a black community identifies that the senior citizens living in her neighborhood do not have enough food supplies. She decided to provide them meals through her pension. She is receiving applause for her social service without any discrimination.

It is the story of 69-year-old Charolette Tidwell, who works for needy people. The nurse runs a food pantry with her pension and feeds 7,000 people a month on average. It is open for six days. She lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and distributes around 500,000 meals annually via the Youth and Family Group.

The people living in Fort Smith confronted a financial crackdown after many factories shut down. Unfortunately, people were working underpaid jobs to earn a living. She was born into a low-income family and has faced financial insufficiency throughout her childhood. She always aimed to help the needy.

She felt heartbroken to know that due to a lack of enough food, many senior citizens depended on cat and dog food for protein intake. It inspired her to start a charity in 2002. She has saved enough money from her pension to find the best strategy to provide maximum benefit to people through her pantry services. Many people have donated small amounts of money to the program over the years.

Her belief is to feed people who have the perseverance or desire to come and get food. She treats everyone with kindness and respect. She has received enough donations over the last 13 years. The young boys are coming forward to volunteer for Ms Tidwell in her noble cause. The boys shared that it gives them a feeling of satisfaction while helping others.

She wishes to continue her pantry service even after her death. She is planning to add more people who can take this mission ahead.May God give more power to Ms Tidwell to continue her selfless service. If every one of us comes forward to help each other, then this world will become a great place to live for each one of us.