Rick Ross has Revealed He Likes To Cut His Own Grass To Save $1 Million A Year

Rick Ross has revealed he likes to c* his own grass despite living in a sprawling $5.8 million (£4.1m) mansion – saying it saves him $1m (£708,000) a year by taking the DIY approach. Back in 2014, the 45-year-old rapper decided to splash out on a huge estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, which famously used to belong to former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

The lavish estate – which Ross added 87 acres to in 2019 – includes a 350,000-gallon swimming pool and a dining room that seats 100.

However, with all that luxury also comes a lot of responsibility, as Ross found out when he moved to the area, having heard from locals that Holyfield reportedly spent more than $1m annually to keep the lights on and the grass c* on the 235-acre estate.

Speaking to Forbes, the rapper explained: “When I bought the Fayetteville estate, locals would see me walk out of a restaurant and scream, ‘You know Holyfield spent $1m a year to cut the grass’.

“So I decided that I was gonna c* my own grass. And that’s what I did. “I went down to John Deere and asked to see the biggest tractor, the most e*ficie*t tractor. I told them I had 200-plus acres that I wanted to keep cut, and they pointed out the right t*ac*or.

“I bought it right then and there. I bought the extended attachment on the back that would cut even wider. Once I got it back home, I filled it up with gas.

“I may have sat in the same spot for two hours before I got everything working, but once I got it going, I didn’t stop. I cut grass for about five hours.”

Ross explained that sitting in his air-conditioned tractor, which also has a radio and tinted windows, brings him a ‘whole other level of peace’, and helps him connect with the estate and its wildlife.

He continued: “I sit there and have my cannabis rolled up, and, man, I look at the property and can appreciate my st*ug*les and my triumphs, those rough days. It’s the smallest thing, but it keeps a smile on my face.

“So, you know, for anybody who doesn’t cut their own grass, I would say take time out every two or three months to cut your grass because it is such a great and peaceful sensation.”