Rihanna’s Fans Sho-cked After Spotting Her Name Mysteriously Among The Black Panther 2 Cast

Rihanna has spa-rked speculation she has landed a role in Black Panther 2 after appearing as a cast member in Google search results.

The search engine currently has Rihanna, 32, listed as a cast member alongside original stars Michael B. Jordan and Letitia Wright, and Twitter users had a thing or two to say as they speculated over her potential involvement.

‘Currently sho-ok because at rihanna is listed as a cast member for Black Panther II,’ at KaylynMaher tweeted.’Rihanna in BLACK PANTHER 2 AHHHHH!!!!!’ at Neptune_Leo22 rejoiced.

Another Twitter user joked: ‘I’ve seen Rihanna’s acting… How on earth did she pass the auditions for black panther 2?” Rihanna is in Black Panther 2? Overexcitement no go k!ll me,’ tweeted at Otosirieze.

‘Rihanna’s gonna be in Black Panther 2??? I’m deffo looking forward to this,’ at http2jxson tweeted. Some Twitter users were skeptical a Google search result actually meant Rihanna was appearing in the movie.’ Y’all really believing Rihanna is about to be in Black Panther 2 based off…a Google search…’ at iambrysoncarter tweeted.

There was also speculation Rihanna would be contributing to the soundtrack.’Rihanna in Black Panther 2? Is she releasing an album along with the movie?’ at KwanWho tweeted. It’s also possible the appearance of the name was simply a glitch. Marvel is currently preparing for production on the upcoming sequel.

Black Panther 2 is set to begin filming in Atlanta next July, following the tr-agic loss of star Chadwick Boseman.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel was originally intended to begin production in March of next year. But Boseman’s untimely passing at age 43 left Marvel and writer/director Ryan Coogler navigating grief and how to move forward.

The sho-ot is set to last upward of six months, with Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Angela Bassett returning. Wright’s character Shuri is rumored to be taking on a larger role after fans urged the studio to have her don the Black Panther costume as the superhero’s successor.

Although Marvel has not revealed how they plan to move forward with the story, they have indicated that they don’t intend to include the late Boseman via CGI.

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