Simon Guobadia Gave Replied On Falynn Guobadia Teaser With Caption “The Face of Cheating Wife,

The Simon Guobadia and Falynn Guobadia situation seems to be the tea that keeps on spilling! On Thursday, Falynn announced that she’ll be releasing an exclusive video speaking her truth on her marriage to Simon and his recent engagement to Porsha Williams.

Well, it seems like Simon wasn’t here for the Falynn’s announcement! Sh*rtly afterwards, he rep-osted her teaser video with a hefty caption alleging cheating on Falynn’s part and a current pregnancy.

“The Face of C**ati!g Wife,” Simon wrote in his post’s caption. “Let’s start with why I filed for div-or-ce. Let’s start with who she cheated with and currently pregnant for and living in a home I paid for – post di**r-ce.”

In the video clip Falynn shared, she addressed previous che-ating allegations after the interview’s host Adam Newell brought up the topic. “Simon doesn’t get caught unl-ess Simon wants to be caught,” Falynn responded.

Falynn goes on to say “I meant what I said when I took my vows.” When asked if she had any resentment a*ainst Porsha Williams, a woman who “met her family and swam in her pool,” Falynn could be seen fi*hti*g back t*ars.

“It h**ts, it h***s like hell,” Falynn responded. “I love ha*d, I love really hard.” Yet, according to Simon he filed for the di!or*e due to Falynn allegedly cheating. Not only did Simon call Falynn out, he also tagged the man Falynn is all-eg-edly pregnant by in his post’s caption.

Although Falynn has remained pretty !uiet about the situation, besides this teaser clip, she seemingly had an additional response to Simon’s newest cl-aims. Falynn took to her Instagram story to post a photo describing nar-ciss-istic personality d!so*der behaviors when handling c*iti*ism.

The man tag-ged by Simon didn’t have much to say during Thursday’s exchange. He did take to his Instagram story to sh** down a fake page that was made in his name. Fans also noticed that a caption where both Simon and Falynn were tag-ged was edited to remove the tags.