Simone Biles Supports Boyfriend Jonathan Owens NFL Preseason Game From Vacation: ‘So Proud Of You’

Simone Biles supports boyfriend Jonathan Owens no matter where in the world she might be! The star gymnast, 24, has been “beaching until further notice” after returning from the Tokyo Olympics, but that didn’t stop her from showing love for Owens, 26, who impressed in the Houston Texans’ preseason game a*ainst the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

Before kickoff, Biles gave her partner a sho*tout on her Instagram Story. “Sending you love & well wishes from vacation I’ll be cheering you on! Go #16!” she wrote on a screensh*t from the pair’s video chat. “I love you so much. & so so so proud of you,” she added. Biles later kept her promise by posting two videos as she watched Owens play. “GO BABY @jownes_3!” she captioned a clip of the game on television.

When Owens picked off Cowboys quarterback Ben DiNucci with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, Biles posted a photo of the Texans safety to celebrate the incredible interception.


“Yessssss that’s my boyfriend that’s my boyfriend,” she wrote. On Aug. 6, Biles reunited with Owens and her family in Houston for the first time since competing in the Summer Olympic Games. After her return from Japan, the couple spent plenty of quality time together before she took off for her tro!ical getaway. Biles and Owens were all smiles during an “impromptu sunset photosho-ot” posted to the gymnast’s Instagram page last week.

She showed off a panorama of the colorful sky surrounding them on her Instagram Story, noting she can see “the prettiest sunsets” from her Texas home.

Biles also wore a shirt bearing Owens’ name to visit him at practice the week p*ior, sharing some adorable sh*ts of the two kissing on the field. She captioned the post, “Another day another practice ❤️.” But the support goes both ways. Owens stood firmly behind Biles while she competed in Tokyo. He was especially concerned when the gymnast withdrew from multiple events after suf*ering the “twisties,” a di!orienting condition that causes athletes to lose air aware-ness and puts their safety at risk during competition.

“Imma ride with you through whatever baby ❤️,” he posted on Instagram at the time. “Your strength and courage is unmatched and you inspire me more and more everyday SB 🤞🏽You always gone be my champ baby and don’t you ever forget that, I love you so much and I can’t wait till you come home and I get to see that beautiful smile again. You know I’m always here for you baby ❤️❤️.”

“I was si*k for her, just because I can see her face, I kind of know her facial expressions, I can kind of read her lips and kind of know what was going on and kind of what she was telling her coach,” Owens later said of watching his girlfriend at the team final, according to ESPN.

“I kind of already knew what was going on beforehand, so I was just really hoping she was going to get over it and be able to go out there and perform. So I was sick to my stomach because she wasn’t able to go out there.”

He added: “She was kind of in a funk when everything wasn’t going right. When you’re used to everything going right for so long, and all of a sudden you kind of hit a hiccup in your performance, you kind of get down on yourself, kind of lose confidence.”