Singer Cher Has Raised $2 Million For Joe Biden’s Campaign At LGBTQ Fundraiser

The US singer, who was headlining the LGBTQ-themed event, asked people on the call “do you believe in life after Trump?” – referencing her 1998 h!t Believe.

Cher said she had known Mr. Biden was “honest and kind” since meeting him for the first time in 2006, the Washington Blade reported.

“He thinks he invited me but really I invited myself. I saw a speech Joe had given and it was love at first speech,” she said.

“So I went to his office to gr!ll him and I asked him really pointed questions and unlike most politicians, Joe actually listened to me and cared [about] what I had to say. He was honest and kind and smart,” she added.

Cher compared the Democratic presidential candidate to Donald Trump, adding: “Joe is smart enough, he’s kind enough, he’s strong enough. “I also know that the person, woman, man, camera, TV, in the White House is an id!ot. I mean it. No, the guy is really an id!ot.”

The singer, whose son Chaz Bono is tran*gender, h!t out at President Trump for policies affe*ting tran*gender people, including the b*n on serving in the armed fo*ces. She said: “After all this, Trump has the aud*city to say he supports Americans he calls, quote, ‘the gays.’ I’m surprised he doesn’t call them his ‘gay generals.’”

Mr. Biden committed to signing the Equality Act, which would outlaw discr!mination based on se*ual orientation and gender in many areas, including employment, housing, and public education. He said: “When I’m president, that changes. I’ll make signing the Equality Act one of the top priorities of my first 100 days.”

He added that he would “build a nation where everybody, everybody is finally not only created equal but treated equally as well”.Mr. Biden thanked Cher and added: “She first supported us way back last winter when it took some g*ts to do so. Fortunately, g*ts are something Cher has in abu*dance.” The fundraiser was attended by around 500 people, including former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, as well as Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congressman David Cicilline.

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