Singer Marques Houston Announced His Engagement To Young 19-Year-Old Girl Miyana

A sho*ker from one of 90’s R&B’s most successful singers turned actors – apparently, Marques Houston of Immature fame is engaged to a missing 19-year-old runaway.

The news h!t the Internet a few days ago and further details have since been discovered, despite the pair’s den!als.Back in 2019, Marques Houston of Immature turned IMx fame announced that he was happily engaged. It’s been a few years since we’ve heard any music from the successful R&B artist.

His last musical project came out in 2015 and most of his output has been in his new career as a film & TV executive alongside his longtime contr*versial manager, Chris Stokes. The two have been partners in the film & TV production space for a number of years.

Stokes most notably directed and wrote the 2004 movie You Got Served, which also featured his other musical famous R&B group, B2K. Since then, the pair have had a number of films and television shows, recently having a number of projects premiere on BET’s digital platform BET+.

There’s also been a reunited IMx tour as well as other res*rgent chances to revisit their past music successes.Despite the contr*versy on his own as a music executive, St*kes and Houston have kept to themselves in the past years, rarely weighing in in public on flare-ups of other associated acts.

Raz B infamously left and returned to the group B2K a number of times over the years, sharing stories that he’d been ab*sed by St*kes and others in the organization. Eventually, Raz B returned to the group as they went on a reunion tour in the past few years but he eventually left once again to deal with his own issues and there’s not been much since heard from the aff!liated families, groups, and clients.

However, that changed when an Internet sle*th began to deduce some information about Houston’s announced fiancée, and the Internet had some questions for the couple – who appear to have quite the gap in age. Back in March 2019, Houston made a post on Instagram that said, “She said ‘YES’,” announcing his engagement to the world.

The woman’s name is Miya Houston on Instagram, but internet sle*ths were able to ded*ce that her real name was Miyana Juanita Dickey. They so-calling first started dating in September 2018 though not many people knew of her age at the beginning.

An intrepid Twitter user raised questions recently however about Miya’s age, when she met Houston and at what age, and wondered why the age gap was so large, even if Miya is technical of legal age.

“Can someone please explain why Marques Houston, a 38-year-old geezer, is engaged to a 19-year-old girl who he so-calling knew before she was 18? They announced they were in a relationship 11 days after she turned 18 last October, and now comments on the profile’s insta are limited.”

Another added dimension then r!led up people even more – apparently, Miyana aka Miya was reported missing back in 2016. It seems that Miyana was adopted by another family in Bend, OR and that’s who she then ran away from.Despite this information, Houston has entered a lengthy explanation, dec*ying the public even focusing on this issue as he feels that “there is so much more to be concerned about in the world.”

See the statement released by the Houstons below.

Houston told his fans on Instagram, “I met Miya in 2018 through a mutual friend. Never before then, did I even know she existed.”He further goes on to state that they met at a Jehovah’s Witness convention, of which Houston is a well-known member of – and apparently Miya is as well. Though apparently St-okes considers Miya a “daughter” and his biological daughter is best friends with Miya, there’s no real explanation that’s been given outside of Houston’s post that delves further into her past, and how long Sto-kes and his family outside of those mentioned have known her.

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