Some Examples Of People Mistakes That Prove They Need To Go Back In Math Class

People are imperfect, and they are capable of making mistakes. But, some make very simple ones. They probably lack sleep or were too exhausted to try to analyze or deal with numbers. Here are some examples of people’s mistakes related to Math. It is a lesson to learn that it is better to stay silent when you are not sure or better to ask others’ help. Check these out!

1 Billions!- Math is hard sometimes. We do wish they were right…and that someone was handing out billions.

2 It’s that time again-Well, 20:20:20 happens every night. We’re not sure what date they wrote that on, but there’s also no 20th month.

3 Take two sets of 3s- It seems like a reasonable enough sale until you do the math. At that point, “buy 6 get 7 free” starts seeming a little less compelling.

4 COV-ID math- There’s something a little off about that social distancing math, but who really stands exactly 1.5 meters apart anyway? Let’s just go with “close enough” and call it a day on this one.

5 Not getting hired- There is no way they are getting the job, and it has nothing to do with their age.

6 Eat cheap- Well, someone messed that up. At least customers will benefit from the wonky math.

7 Very wild- Either that math is wrong, or they know something about time machines that the rest of us haven’t learned about yet. Hey, you never know.

8 Pregnancy math- Well, there goes the theory that pregnancy is around nine months. Now, it’s a year or less than a month.

9 Dollars and cents- Multiplication can go wrong, especially if the decimal is in the wrong place. It’s best just to check the end result and make sure it actually makes sense.Or you can just die a little inside after realizing your err*r.

#10 Can I buy those separately?
There’s a small problem with their math. Don’t worry. Everyone on Facebook will correct them.