Someone Noticed Out What That Handle On Car Ceilings Is For And Twitter Promptly Freaked Out

18-year-old Twitter user Aimee tweeted on Twitter to ask something a large portion of us have likely pondered without acknowledging it.  The tweet was “Genuine inquiry, what the hell is this for?”

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she asked, close to a photograph of that idea about the roof of each vehicle that we as a whole knew about and likely pondered yet never remembered to try and request some explanation?

Individuals quickly began sharing their speculations. Her reaction quickly exploded, wracking up north of 118,000 retweets in three days. What’s more, Twitter couldn’t concur with her hypothesis more

Each individual remarked on their perspective. somebody said “To help grandparents get in and out of the vehicle!! Or they may hang cleanings.” Other retweets are like “to keep your armpits fresh when you roll the windows down on a hot day”, and so on

In any case, anything you desire to call it, we can all conclude now. Since we know what it is, we would not need to make any suppositions once more.