Stray Dog Got Emotional While Standing On His Two Legs After Kind Stranger Feeds Him On The Street – VIDEO

A stray dog ‘cr!ed te-ars of joy’ as a stranger took the time to feed it. Footage of the heartbre-aking enc-ounter has been shared on social media and shows the pooch wa-ndering around the streets of Jinzhong in Shanxi province of north China.

In the clip, the small dog can be seen standing on its hind legs as it swings its front legs in the air, appearing to be asking for food. And as the woman hands it some sausage, the pup’s eyes start to well up as if it was overwhelmed at being fed.

Another part of the clip sees the woman return to the park to check on the dog, with it recognizing her and coming over to greet her. And as soon as she offers it another treat, the dog starts to get a bit te-ary once again.

Speaking to Xiaoxiang Morning Post, the woman said she tried to carry the dog to her car but it jumped from her hands.” Me and my friends were on the way to a park when we saw the stray dog,” she told the publication.

“He started cr-ying when we gave him food and I tried to put him in our car one time, but he ref-used and jumped back on the street.”The dog fe-ared that we would gr-ab him like the dog sn-atchers because that’s what they would do – lur!ng the dogs to the minivan with food before fleeing.”

After returning to the park for a second time, the woman noticed that the dog had gone. She added: “I’ve tried to look for it a few times these few days but I couldn’t find him.”I might try my luck asking the street cleaners later.”

Since the clip was shared online, it has, unsurprisingly, received a huge reaction from people, with many worried about what had become of the mystery pooch. One user said: “Hope the dog didn’t get sn-atched away!”

“It’s a dog with soulful eyes. Please don’t hu-rt him,” another added. Earlier this year, a stray dog was adopted by the staff at a car dealership in Brazil. The lonely dog kept turning up to the Hyundai Prime branch in the South American country. He was looked after each time and was sent on his way, but he returned every other night and employees eventually fell in love with him.