Black Panther’s Avengers: Endgame Entrance Is The Greatest Moment In Superhero Movie History – VIDEO

Yesterday, August 29, Chadwick Boseman’s passing was revealed, after undergoing for four years from colon canc*r.

The Black Panther star never made public his verifies, instead of powering through an unfathomable, inspiring career; from Captain America: Civil W*r to Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bl*ods, his impenetrable charisma never fa*tered.

Amid the countless tributes, fans have been sharing Endgame’s climactic famed showdown; more notably, when King T’Challa walked through the portal.

Spo!ler wa&ning ahead for those who haven’t seen Endgame. As Captain America stands alone on the near-apocalyptic ba*tlefield, shield br*ken, bl*od!ed, upright aga!nst Thanos’s army, all hope appears to be lost.

Then, emerging through the ca*kle of radio, the voice of Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, emerges with phrase first heard in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, ‘On your left.’

Behind Cap, one of Doctor Strange’s portals appears, a light seemingly spa*ked from the heavens. Moments later, Black Panther arrives alongside Shuri and Okoye.

Sharing the scene on Twitter, one user wrote: ‘This moment was everything. I went opening night with my brother in law & let me tell you… you could feel the t*ars, the chills, the excitement coming off of every single person in that theatre. To see T’Challa once again. You knew everything was going to be okay.’

Another fan added: ‘This is EVERYTHING. The joy that radiates throughout my BODY during THIS SCENE… wow. rip Chadwick Boseman. This is truly a big loss.’ A third recounted: ‘I can’t stop thinking about the guy I sat next to in the theater when Endgame came out. It was very clear how important this moment was for him, he scr*amed and wept when T’Challa came out with Shuri and Okoye, I am not exa*gerating when I say that te*rs were stre*ming down his face.’

As T’Challa’s glowing silhouette comes further into sight, his reassuring nod felt like an act of emotional os*osis; at that moment, everyone, including Cap, knew the world – the universe, even – was saved. Another user commented: ‘All of my gr!pes with the MCU. All of the bs plots they chose. They made one of the best decisions by having Black Panther return first. The honor of it, of leading the climax of this movie. Nothing comes close.’

Of course, Black Panther’s return precedes Falcon flying across the skies, the Guardians of the Galaxy coming back, Spidey swinging in, and, most of all, Cap’s soul-t!ngling ‘Avengers… assemble’.However, when that first portal came sw!rling to life, we all believed in the King.

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