Tammy Rivera Have Best Response To Troll Who Criticized Daughter ‘A Shape’ And Wearing Skirt To School

Tammy Rivera continues to allot time and energy to any and everyone that has something to say concerning her daughter, Charlie. In the middle of working on her music and other endeavors, and remaining quiet amid speculation that her marriage is over, there is one thing that she will not keep quiet about and that is any matter on or off social media that is pertaining to Charlie.

Rivera’s relationship with her daughter is a close-knit one since giving birth to her 15 years ago when she was just 18-years old, as was evident in a tribute post to her on her birthday in June. “I thank God for you every day,” Rivera wrote on Instagram. “You are my biggest most proudest accomplishment in Life nothing can ever top you baby girl! […]I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING OR ANYONE IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD,” concluded her proud mother.

In an interview with Essence, Rivera spoke on their relationship and the methods that she uses in order to understand her daughter while teaching her how to navigate in what can be a cruel and critical world. “I want her to be like, ‘Well, my mama told me how to stand firm, my mama told me how to do this,’” she expressed. “This world is not for the weak. This world is for the strong,” Rivera added. “I’m sorry.

I’m not one of those parents that are going to be like, ‘Aw, baby, you got a booboo? Let me kiss it. Let me do this.” Tammy shared that her way of dealing with these hypothetical circumstances is more along the lines of encouragement in a loving way to shake it off and move on with the assignment. “Let’s wipe that off. It’s okay. You fell. Get back up, baby. Come on. Let’s get it,” she said.

Underneath Tammy’s pictures, her comment sections are usually intermixed with sincere love and praise from close friends as well as fans, however, there are those that share criticisms toward Tammy and her daughter. Some of her fans feel as though the way Charlie dresses and is seen on social media is “too grown” for her age. According to Tammy, those that are offering unsolicited c*iticism need to “Tend to yours,” as she once recommended one of her followers to do.

She also added this tidbit of advice: “Don’t comment on mines unless you have something nice to say!” In another post uploaded to her Instagram, Tammy shared a picture of both herself and Charlie modeling a one-piece swimsuit outfit from Tammy’s collection. Some fans, however, flooded the comments with messages that her apparrel was too mature for someone her age. “Girl that is your daughter not your friend,” one user commented on Instagram.

Another notes, “I don’t know about this one. At least cover her up with one of your sheets. It seems like she is selling her off. Just my opinion. Nonetheless, Beautiful Girl.” Recently, Tammy shared a photo glorifying her daughter and her outfit while attending her first day of school and had to clap back at those fans who had something to say about her choice of clothing. “It’s crazy how school change over time. I would’ve been sent home if I wore this,” wrote one user under the photo.

“No sis this is not it for school,” another wrote. “Too grown but she got that pik tho,” commented another. Having enough of the cri!icism, Tammy logged in to tell that her daughter’s outfit won her approval, and shared racial differences in this scenario. “You know it’s crazy how LIL Black girls get summed up to being too grown OR sexualized because they have a shape.” she wrote. “God forbid you have a shape and style [you’re] Tooo Grown! Charlie skirt passed the finger tip test And she and she had on shorts underneath!” she explained.