Black Male Educator From DC Surprised With Teacher Of The Year Award With $50K Check

Teaching is a Noble profession and builds the foundation of a country’s future generation. A teacher should be committed to teaching students with love and patience. A highly educated teacher can inculcate moral values in students. Teachers who are committed to their students are said to be satisfied with their work and always provide effective instruction.

A black male community teacher is awarded the Teacher Of The Year award by the prestigious National University for 2021. The moment became more joyful when he received a check for $50,000. It is the story of Alex Diasgranados, a teacher since 2015. He teaches English to 4th grade and social studies to 5th-grade students at Aiton Elementary School in Washington, DC.

The students love him for his unique way of teaching English.  His teaching ways helped him to develop a close relationship with the students. Alex discovered that teaching small students is difficult because they are easily distracted and prefer to learn playfully. The innocence of his students keeps encouraging him to upgrade his teaching practice.

Alex states that he is getting better every day. The teacher is so talented that he won the $10,000 Sanford Teacher Award the previous year. He was also awarded Dominique Foster’s Teacher of the Year 2021. He received $7,500 as a cash prize. Alex feels happy about this achievement. When Alex’s name was announced on The Dr Barrymore Show, he was overjoyed.

The Chancellor of the National University System, Dr Michael Cunningham, declared Alex Teacher Of The Year, 2021 at the National University. He received a $50,000 check. On the Barrymore Show, Alex advocated providing digital accessibility education to students when the pandemic disrupted the whole education sector. It helped students explore new horizons of knowledge.

He felt sentimental when Barrymore decided to offer 265 laptops to his school. The teachers and students now have better access to technology. Alex is now eligible to do a Master’s Degree Program in Social and Emotional Learning on a full scholarship from any National University. Moreover, he can complete a doctoral degree in education from any university of his choice.

We congratulate Alex on this achievement and wish him all the best for his career. The educational system needs more teachers like Alex, who keep sharing their knowledge with students. Teachers like him motivate them to move on the right path.