Teens Go Viral For Reading “WAP” At Evangelical Minister Protesting An Ab-ortion Clinic

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s single “WAP” has become a ju*gernaut sm*sh h!t due to its messages of s*x and body positivity since it was released earlier this month.

And for the same reasons, the song has also become a fo!l amongst conservatives. Any attempts to clu*ch pearls at the song have resulted in sta*gering self-owns—particularly in the case of Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro—proving that the song is like conservative kry*tonite.

The two girls met this summer while volunteering with Charlotte for Choice, a non-profit volunteer organization that mobilizes to keep abo*tion care safe and legal while providing support to patients seeking abo*tion services.

As part of their role within the organization, Bauerle and Cueto work as “def*nders” at the local clinic, helping to escort patients through crowds of right-wing prot*stors.

They also regularly post footage of these enco*nters with pro*estors on TikTok, such as their run-in with Phillip “Flip” Benham. Benham is an evangelical minister who founded Operation Save America, which seeks to b*n abo*tion as well as g*y marriage, religious freedom, and other basic civil rights. And, for obvious reasons, a perfect ta*get for a “WAP” reading.

“At alexthefeminist giving Flip his daily sermon,” Bauerle captioned the TikTok video, in which the pink-haired Cueto read the lyrics on her phone to Benham, who was festively de*ked out in his finest ’90s color bl*ck button-down shirt. The video has been viewed nearly two million times in three days, and counting! Cuetolater later told Insider that she chose that song in particular, hoping that Benham might learn something from them.

“‘WAP’ has gathered a lot of attention because it’s a song made by women [about] recla!ming our bodies and talking about our own female an*tomy, rather than what society is used to—men talking about women’s bo*ies,” she explained.“I fig*red Fl!p hadn’t been ex*osed to the song yet and should hear it.” Indeed, Benham also confirmed to Insider that he was not familiar with “WAP” nor the TikTok platform. He did, however, admit that he has been du*ifully pro*esting outside the clinic since the summer of 2002, although had only been interacting with Bauerle and Cueto “the past couple of months.” Maybe ol’ Flip could stand to learn a thing or two from “WAP.” At the very least, you gotta figure that a guy who has dev*ted nearly the last two decades of his life to hara*ing women outside of a clinic probably could stand to get laid now and then.

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