Terry Crews Spotted To Enjoying Bonding Day With His Children At Disneyland

He certainly doesn’t need to be at the happiest place on Earth to be the happiest person on Earth but it certainly does help. Terry Crews looked absolutely ecstatic to be enjoying a bonding day with his children at Disneyland on Monday. The 52-year-old actor was not seen without a big smile on his face as he showed off his very muscular arms on display in a black square cut tank top.


Perhaps the highlight of the trip came at the very end of log flume Splash Mountain as he had his hands in the air as he could be seen yelling during the 50-foot-drop.

He was in good company on the ride in Critter Country as he was joined by daughters Tera, 22, and Wynfrey, 17, as well as 16-year-old son Isaiah.

Terry is also father to 31-year-old daughter Azriel and stepfather to Naomi Burton-Crews.

Being a fitness enthusiast did not stop the former NFL player in indulging in some sweet treats as he looked in absolute heaven as he ate a hand-dipped ice cream bar.


Not seen on the outing was Terry’s wife of 30 years and mother to his five children Rebecca King. Last month the actor and his 55-year-old wife opened up about one of the most diffic-ult and intimate aspects of the relationship for a new audio book, Stro*ger Together, in which they explain how they worked to overcome Terry’s porn addi-ction – which saw him forced to seek rehab treatment.

While speaking about their decision to lift the lid on Terry’s stru*gle, the actor revealed how fame ‘enabled’ his addiction, explaining that Hollywood turns a blind eye to that kind of behavior because all it cares about is success.

‘Success is the warmest place to hide,’ Terry told People. ‘Fame made it worse. Hollywood didn’t care. It still doesn’t care if you lose your family. It happens every day.’


Rebecca added: ‘It’s really true that power and success amplifies what’s already going on inside you, and that is why I couldn’t help him. And I’m thankful and I am lucky that he made the choice to do that.’

The couple also explained that they want to help others who are going through a similar ba*tle – with Rebecca describing p*** as ‘the new dr*g’.

‘We discovered there was a whole industry around this problem because p*** has become the new d***,’ she said. ‘It’s become the new addiction.’


Terry chim-ed in: ‘The reason why we wrote this book was the fact that I know I can’t be alone. I can’t be the only g*y who went through this.’

The actor first began st*ugg*ing with p*** addiction when he was just 12 years old, however it wasn’t until decades later, when it had almost ruined his marriage, that he finally sought help by checking himself into rehab in 2010.