The Blind Dog Has Found A Home Forever After Being Overlooked By The Owner

Bring home a pet if you are ready to take the responsibility and are passionate about them. Terrier mix, Puddin, 1, lost her sight due to the carelessness of her owner. Puddin was born with vision. She, however, faced a rough start in life that left her with complete blindness. The veteran had to take out the pupils and sew the sockets. Cory Gonzales, 23, from Lubbock, is doing everything to change life for Puddin.

The Terrier is living a happy life with the owner after being abused and maltreated by the former owner. Cory doesn’t know how Puddin’s eyes got damaged. He only knows that the prior owner didn’t care much and went to the vet so late till things got worse. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals of Texas(SCPA) asked the careless owners to hand over Puddin.

The arrogant owners refused. It led to a legal battle to rescue the 6 -weeks mistreated Puddin. Puddin, though saved, lost vision. Cory saw Puddin on the internet in an ad. At that time, Puddin was 4-month-old. Despite her visual impairment of Puddin, Cory decided to adopt her. He provided her with a comfortable and loving life. The two are like best buddies.

They provide each other with love and companionship. The two cuddles and gives each other emotional stability. Cory further shared that he had to make no special arrangements for Puddin except for instruction while climbing up and down the stairs. There are no real challenges that he faced. Cory proudly shared that raising Puddin is just like raising any other dog.

Puddin lives a comfortable and happy life with Cory. The two go out for a walk with the dog-pal, Murphy. Puddin loves to play with her toy bone and take long naps. Cory’s mother instantly fell in love with Puddin. She asked her son to create an Instagram page for Puddin as she found her super cute. Puddin has a fan following of 135,000. The fans requested Cory to start selling merchandise.

Cory graciously obliged the requests.Puddin gets all the lovely compliments on her Insta page. Like humans, she gets trolled and faces harsh remarks as well. Cory, however, ignores them. He is grateful to all who have showered love and appreciation towards Puddin. Cory wishes and urges people to adopt pets and rescue them. These dogs ask only for a home. In return, they give so much love.