The First Meeting Of 105-year-Old Annie Berry With Her 5th-Generation Granddaughter Olivia

Today, scarcity of time is the root cause of the majority of the ongoing issues in our lives. The race of life for contentment drives us away from our beloved ones. Though, the support of the family is like the pillar of our success. A balance in personal and professional life is mandatory to live a graceful life. Timely visits to relatives and gatherings for little occasions may revitalize anyone.

The world has rare examples of healthy joint families. Let us get familiar with the Berry family. The Fortunate Annie Berry turned 105 in January 2019. She experienced the blissful moment of holding her 5th generation baby Olivia, her great-great-granddaughter. Five generations of the Berry family gathered at the Genesis Larkin Chase Center in Bowie, Maryland.

The iconic gathering was to embrace the arrival of a newborn great-great-granddaughter to her large clique.
As per WUSA, Annie cuddled little Olivia in her arms and found her cute.The granddaughter of the elderly lady, Annie Sewell, shared that the elderly lady wished to see a Black President of the country. The era she belonged to had seen the most crucial phase of racial discrimination.

Berry, a native of Meridian, Mississippi remembers harvesting the cotton and flaking the corn early in her life. She had witnessed several ups and downs in the world during her life. Berry migrated to North Carolina due to racial discrimination toward African-Americans. The elderly lady had served as an administrator for an education system before her retirement.

Later she emigrated to Washington, D.C., to live with her beloved family and served as a caretaker, WUSA reported. Berry revealed the secret of her long life to the television station as obedience to the Lord. In addition, Annie expressed her gratitude to her family for the immense love and affection showered by them. It helped her to live with content. For this, Annie desired that her great-great-granddaughter would also grow up to be an adorable human.

The elderly lady wishes for her great-great-granddaughter to be a kind and compassionate human being who is obedient to her mother. The difference of 105 years will present a world with remarkable change to Olivia. Someday, Olivia would be astonished to know that her great-great-grandmother cradled her in her arms. Annie Berry is worthy of respect and praise for her ideal selection of principles to live a life of satisfaction in this world.