The Girl Was Thrown Out Of Dubai Mall Due To Indecent Clothes, Said – “Please Wear Respectful Clothing.”

An influencer claims she was kicked out of a Dubai shopping mall for looking ‘too s**y’. Finally, a problem we can all relate to. Prior to being asked to leave the shopping area, reality TV star, Emmy Russ, posted a message about the popular holiday spot saying it was a ‘great country, so much luxury, everything in gold, it is as if made for me’.

However Dubai did not have the same opinion about her after seeing one of her revealing outfits when she went to do some shopping in a local mall. The young woman, who gained fame through various reality TV shows such as the celebrity version of Big Brother, reported she was shocked by the unpleasant experience during her vacation in the UAE city of Dubai.

The 22-year-old woman, who is also an amateur actress and a model, was told by security guards that her fashion sense way too revealing for their standards.

Newspaper Bild reported that Russ had dressed up in a cropped glitter top and a mini skirt before going to the large shopping centre. According to her, the clothing was justified because the weather forecast showed 41 degrees cel*ius which she could not bear. However, once she entered the mall, she was approached by security employees who refused to let her continue her shopping.

Russ explained: “Suddenly a security employee came up completely out of breath and said I was too s***, and I couldn’t walk around like that.”


She complained to her 186,000 Instagram followers by saying: “They threaten-ed me with the police. I was thrown outside and I received a written warning.” The written war!ing that the influencer received was a courtesy policy bla*k card by the Dubai Mall indicating: “Please wear respectful clothing.”

Russ added: “Then I quickly bought a long T-shirt outside and put it on. According to my standards, I didn’t think my outfit was too s**.

When I entered the country, a policeman even flirted with me at the airport.” German media reported that this was not the first time that Russ was publicly criticised for her clothing, as she once even had to face the police after posing for a photo in a miniskirt while leaning on a patrol vehicle.