The First Af-American Woman Who Became The Hawk Pilot In The North Carolina National Guard

During our childhood, we observed aeroplanes touching the clouds. We often dreamt of flying high and reaching the zenith. This dream was made into reality by Captain Lindsey Jefferies. She has brought pride to the black community by becoming the first African-American woman who is now a Hawk pilot. The profession is male-dominating, but now women have stepped into it.

Lindsey Jefferies was born into a financially weak family. She kept working hard to improve her standard of living. She believed in getting educated and wished to have a secure future. Before completing her school education, she found her passion for flying. She began flying lessons in high school through the Air Force Junior ROTC. It started with flying a small, fixed-wing plane and then a Black Hawk helicopter.

In 2013, she was the first female Black Hawk pilot in the North Carolina Army National Guard. She completed her master’s degree in counselling from UNC Greensboro. Then she worked as a med-evac detachment commander in North Carolina, where she saved the life of people during natural disasters.

She was invited by Frank Stasio, an American talk radio host, to share her stories of struggle and life on the military track she forged. She mentioned her responsibilities and duties as a Black Hawk pilot, saying: “In the Army, the Black Hawk typically has two sets of missions. Either the assault or the med-evac will happen”. She chose her first assault by air, where the troops placed and then landed so they may go.

Her responsibilities increased when she became med-evac, where her job was to provide medical aid to people who got injured. The Black Hawk pilot’s job is risky. The military is making efforts to include more women. They run mentorship programs like Sisters in Boots and Beauties in Boots. It is for both the civil and military to bridge the gap. Lindsey Jefferies has broken the stereotype that the military is an all-male force.

Women can also establish themselves but still have a long way to go. We salute the willpower of Lindsey Jefferies, who is giving her med-evac services in the military and saving people from disaster. She will encourage more young women to join the military. We are proud of you, Lindsey Jefferies.