These Black Identical Twins Have Made History Becoming Pilots At Same US Airline

Flying an aircraft is a childhood dream for many. We look at the sky and think of reaching its zenith one day by flying an aeroplane. The twin brothers shared the same ambition and did everything to achieve it. The identical twin brothers are now pilots for Alaska Airlines. Their parents’ motivation and support helped them to achieve this goal. The twins are the first to become pilots in their black community and work for an airline.

Alex and Alan’s dream to become pilots started at three years of age. After Sunday church prayer, their dad used to take them to watch planes flying for business trips. The brothers left Kenya for California when they were 13 years old, keeping their interest in flying. Their mother knew their passion for flying and gave them a Microsoft Flight Simulator at about the same time.

The boys enjoyed playing with the simulator and decided to become pilots. They were clear about their goals. Soon the boys became young men, but they never gave up on their passion for flying. Through hard work, Alex, the elder brother, successfully landed a job as a pilot with Alaska Airlines. The younger brother, Alan, followed his brother and tried to find work on the same airline.

When Alan was working as a fueler, he found the employees at Alaska humble to everyone, either as a pilot or in other working operations. The working environment is positive and encouraging. For Alaska, it’s like a family. Alex agreed and reflected on his mentors who had helped him along the way.

Alaska representatives claimed that Alex and Alan, maybe the first pair of twin brother pilots to work for the company. Alan is a first officer based out of Los Angeles, recently finished his training courses, and will be stationed in San Francisco. They want to fly an aircraft together.

Alex wishes that one of them would get upgraded to captain, and then they could operate an aircraft together. The boys said that having their mother present in the cabin when that time arrives would make it much sweeter. After all, they reached this position due to her inspiration and confidence in their abilities. We congratulate both brothers and wish them all the best for the future. Fly high boys!