The Left Lady Was Terrified After Spotting A Mysterious Reflection In Her Sunglasses

Do you believe in spirits or the unknown energies that surround us? It sounds scary! A woman found a disrupting reflection in her sunglasses that made her think such a way. She posted a question on Quora, “Can anyone spot whose reflection in the sunglasses?” She received numerous answers to it.

Sara Medeiros, from Massachusetts, was all alone in the house. She has three kids, and none of them was at home. She was cooking in the kitchen. Straight from there was the entry to her dark lounge area, with a table and four seats. She found a reflection of something in the mirror of her sunglasses.

Sara Medeiros purchased a new shade of sunglasses. She thought to evaluate them before focusing on them in open sunlight. Sara wore the glasses to click her selfies and send them to her boyfriend. She, however, found some disturbing shadows while clicking her beautiful pictures. She found it disturbing and waited for the reaction of her boyfriend.

The picture posted by the mom of three has ignited the discussion about unknown reflections. Her post subtitles: What is the most alarming thing you have found in a photograph while taking it? Some people call it phantoms, while others say it is due to refractive index error in glasses. But most people termed it as dark energy that encompassed Sara.

Sara Medeiros believes in apparitions, spirits, or such elements and explains the photograph. She said that she saw two images, one was shorter on the left, and the other image was taller, standing on the right side, facing each other. A mystic told her that a little soul is connected to her and often emerged in front of her.

Earlier, she woke up due to the negative energy of the house, but the dark energy followed her dreams too. One of the individuals told Sara that she has dim energy, which is almost like her. Such figures seek help from Sara, so they appear in front of her. A few others said that the images might be made clear by illumination. Another added that people see what they want to see but can not even comprehend it.

It is just light hits or reflections. Sometimes, simple explanations are the most useful! We want Sara to overcome her anxiety and find a better solution to her problem. Till then, we pray for her luck and safety.