The Little Girl Asks The Woman Why Her Skin Is So Dark? And, The Lady Replied A Wondrous Answer

Kids are an example of innocence. They need to be nurtured with care and love without any discrimination. While exploring the world, these little minds popped out with such questions that made us feel embarrassed. Out of curiosity, they ask such questions, but we need to address them responsibly. The kids sometimes ask questions on sensitive topics in public that we wish to avoid answering.

One such incident happened with Mary Katherine Backstorm, a blogger at Mom Babble. She went to a local waffle house with her daughter, Holland. Her daughter asked the waitress, Mrs. Cynthia, about her dark sk-in color. We all agree that racism is a sensitive topic and people often avoid speaking about it publically. The girl asked the question to satisfy her curious mind and not to judge the waitress for her color.

It is also true that, despite our best efforts to pretend, we are unable to avoid our ability to distinguish between different colors. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about our sk-in tone. The question raised by Little Holland was in a sweet tone, for which Mrs. Cynthia did not feel anxious. As the question was on a sensitive topic, Mrs Backstorm got nervous and approached her daughter to stop her.

Before she could act, the girl asked the question loudly in public. Mrs. Cynthia was also a close friend of Mrs. Backstorm. Adults should not feel embarrassed about such questions because kids might notice the differences that adults try to ignore. Mrs. Cynthia was quite mature to address this question without causing any havoc. Mrs Cynthia replied with the most satisfying answer.

She said that God had made all of us. The almighty has created different sk-in colours for all organisms. We all are unique in our way. Holland was happy. She suggested how wonderful it would be if they both shared the same dark sk-in tone. They could have both dressed up like Tiana. She compared Mrs Cynthia to a Disney princess.

The story seems okay for Mrs. Cynthia, but it is a lesson for Mrs Backstorm. She realized that it is inappropriate to make assumptions about others based solely on the color of their sk-in. Despite our best efforts, we can’t avoid being able to perceive the difference in sk-in color. God created a variety of gorgeous colors. We must respect what God has created.