The Marching Band Of Shaw University – ‘Platinum Sound,’ Receives $100k And A Grant From Mc Donald’S

For quite a long time, Platinum Sound Marching Band has been a staple at Shaw University, one of the country’s most seasoned Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). To help Platinum Sound’s practice of giving pleasure to avid supporters and the nearby local area, McDonald’s USA and its neighborhood Owner/Operators astonished the Band with a $100,000 award on Feb. 19 during the University’s Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Tournament (CIAA) farewell service.

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“This award is more than whatever we have envisioned,” said Andrae King, current chief and a previous individual from Platinum Sound. It means the world to these hardworking students who grind every day of the week to carry energy and fervor to others’ hearts. Platinum Sound’s longstanding tradition of engaging groups through wonderful musicianship and acting skill was as of late celebrated in a public McDonald’s business.

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From the perspective of the current Platinum Sound part, Dave Walters, Jr. also his mom, a performer, and Shaw alumna, the spot featured the neighborhood McDonald’s café as a social or family gathering place for Shaw students across ages. While recording, McDonald’s was roused by Platinum Sound’s obligation to greatness and the University’s faithful endeavors to help these students masterfully, scholastically, and monetarily.

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Not long after leaving grounds, the brand was moved to additional help these performers through this award. The subsidies will help the Band’s improvement and development objectives, assisting them with proceeding to act in style, giving grants to musicians, setting out enlistment open doors, and giving hardware and instruments, for example, their sousaphones, which have not been supplanted in over 10 years.

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This award is only one of the numerous ways McDonald’s is focusing light on HBCUs and their significance. The organization’s long-standing help of HBCUs incorporates grants, significant associations, sponsorship of HBCU Classics, and competitions, and that’s just the beginning.