The Stranger Buys Groceries For Mom, She’s Astounded To See The Stranger’s Face

The Dalai Lama once said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Compassion is the greatest deed that can be enacted by any human. The sense of satisfaction that both the doer and receiver feels is equal. Though it might seem selfish to think about our happiness first, self-love is essential.

Here is a story of a helpless black mother who experienced compassion from a stranger. Robin Mcfadend, a mother of three sturdy, robust, and athletic lads, went to a grocery store to purchase essential products for his sons. The lady maintains her family with a slender budget. To make things comfortable, she depends on discount vouchers and weekly offers. However, this time, the amount of her bill shot up more than the money she had.

She stood in a long queue at a convenience store. She insinuated to the person standing at the counter about the less money. Suddenly, a loud voice enquired about the amount she was short. The crowd and Robin looked at the man with a peculiar voice. He extended help to the helpless lady in the discomfit scenario.The generous man was the well-known American stand-up Comedian -Jeff Foxworthy.

Robin was amazed to notice the celebrity supporting like an abut in this appalling situation. She extended her heartfelt gratitude to Jeff Foxworthy for being her rescuer. Without the unexpected help, Robin could not have purchased the required grocery. The kind gesture was acknowledged and appreciated by all in the store. This little gesture of compassion by Jeff for Robin brought content to both.

It helped Robin to buy the essentials required for her athletic sons. ​Jeff Foxworthy, also known as Jeff Marshall, is a well-known comic, actor, and television presenter. He has also been on many other shows like Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White, along with his creation-sitcom show. Recently he had been an anchor to the popular show named- Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

It is amusing to see people rise above racial and class discrimination. People like Jeff Foxworthy inspire the world to think beyond themselves. People like Jeff teach us to follow humanity and compassion.