The Veteran, Who Has Served Students For 30 Years, Celebrated His 100th Birthday

We all want a happy, long life with a smiling face. A wonderful day comes when you complete 100 years of your life. It is an astonishing moment to celebrate your 100th birthday. A World War II veteran celebrates his birthday. He was born on September 29, 1921. Thomas Faucette worked in the U.S. Postal Service until the 1980s.

After retirement, he chose to become a crossing guard for Guilford County Schools in North Carolina in 1986. His wife worked as a teacher in the same school. It was she who suggested the idea to him to take this job. He has been at the school for 30 years now. The centenarian’s wife, Elizabeth Faucette, threw a party in honor of her husband’s 100th birthday. The couple has been married for 51 years and feels blessed to be together.

Faucette felt emotional, receiving birthday greetings from guests with a smile on his face. His wife gifted him a cap with “100 never looked so good” written on it. One of his friends presented him with a t-shirt that read, “It took me 100 years to look this good.” There was music, a banner, balloons, and a letter signed by everyone. Brian James, the chief of the Greensboro Police Department, also presented him with a plaque in recognition of his years of service.

The school also celebrated his 100th birthday. 100 Peck Elementary School students waited for Faucette to make his way from his corner to the front of the school while holding big two-dimensional construction paper “candles.” Thomasina Faucette, daughter of Thomas, shared that his father has strong willpower. He never lets his morals down.

During the pandemic, Faucette was the first to get the vaccine and regularly wears a mask to cover his face. He is still in good health. Thomas underwent knee replacements, cataract surgery, and spinal surgery but is still in good health. His family is proud of him. Thomas’s family gave him the nickname, The Bionic Man. A special thanks to Mr Faucette for his services. A Happy Belated Birthday! We pray for his long and healthy life.