These Funny Photos Prove Walmart Is One Of The Strangest Places On The Planet

Walmart is great if you want to get a paper towel, electronics, and cereal rather che-ap, but the real riches come in the form of the people that you see there. Long story short, there’s always a story, and half of the time you could swear you saw that story told on a recent episode of Maury Povich.

That’s to say that the cro-wd is…interesting, and if you need any more proof, check out some of these shots from People of Walmart. If there’s a whole website dedicated to this cro-wd, you know it has to be so bad it’s good. and one leopard-print onesie for all! Take notes for your next family shopping trip.

Dress to Impress

Going out to the club? Be sure to get all fancied up and hit the local Walmart first, making sure to flash a smile (and only flash a smile) at the camera. Conga

What? You’ve never seen a Walmart conga line? This is how it’s done, folks.

No Thanks…

This pair of shoes defeats the purposes of both sneakers and heels!! This is the most useless shoe. How? Why? Whyyyyyy?

Nana Slicer

Nana was not happy about the ‘Nana Slicer. Sure, they probably meant “Banana,” but they couldn’t use the whole word for some reason. The next one is h-ilar*ous…

What the Duck?

Where’s the bread? TAKE ME TO THE BREAD, WOMAN!


This Redditor wrote, “Just walking through Walmart when I see an Amish guy playing video games. He saw me take the picture and we both had a little laugh.”

Catching Some Zs

Okay, come on now. I know that shopping can be exhausting, but at least camp out in the tent aisle or finagle your way into a hammock. USE THE RESOURCES AT YOUR DISPOSAL.

Speaking of naps…

Shopping is exhausting. This girl gets it.

Say “Cheese”

“So, I want to get Glamour Shots taken, but I don’t want to go to the mall.” “Dude! Go to Walmart and hulk out in the cheese section!” Not a gouda idea. The next one is…interesting…

Ride em, cowboy.

This post had the best Reddit headline I’ve ever read: You’ve yee’d your last haw. – BambooKat

Gotta get a little cushion down there.

Wal-Mart has a lot of bread, right? It can stand to lose a couple of loaves so this lad can avoid bending at the wa-ist, right?

Land that I looooove.

I know it’s mean to laugh at someone falling over at Wal-Mart. But that American flag overlay? Making it seem like this, this, is what our founding fathers fought for? That is very, very funny.

She is tall, and therefore, she is mighty.

These platforms are out of control, to be sure. But there’s one other detail I love about them. they make her have to hunch over to reach her shopping cart. The platform heels were a monkey’s paw! She wished to be taller, only to regret what it does to her back!

That’s an actual d*ad coyote.

I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my head around this thinking. You kill a coyote in self-defense, or to save a roadrunner? Okay, I get that. But why bring it inside a Wal-Mart? Worst case, you could always leave it in the car.

Lot going on here.

I know this guy looks in-sane, but there’s a story being told here by his many disparate fashion choices. He’s patriotic (as evidenced by the hat), a detective (the trenchcoat), and also, super relaxed (the flip-flops). that must mean solving crimes in his home country of America is no big deal for him. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sherl-ock Holmes. Oh wait, he’s British. So why the hat? Maybe this is a bigger mystery than I thought. How far down does the rabbit hole go…?

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