This Teacher Who Styles His Students During Gym Class Warms The Hearts Of Millions Of People

We all know that teaching is a noble profession where teachers always give their best. Sometimes, they have to act beyond their responsibilities. A child should feel at home even at school, and it is possible only with a loving and caring teacher. A heartwarming video of a physical education teacher making the ponytails of his students stole millions of hearts.

It is the story of Jonathan Oliver, who became famous for making the ponytail of kindergarten student Kristen Paulk during a gym session. He works at WG Nunn Elementary School in Valdosta. The beautiful moment got captured by the assistant kindergarten teacher, Kandice Anderson, and shared on Facebook. The video got over 3 million views.

It was a surprise for 34-year-old Oliver to know that his small helping act got so much recognition. He was unaware of getting recorded. Oliver wants his students to experience homely feelings where they enjoy themselves and feel comfortable. He loves his students very much, and the act of making ponytails was one of its parts.

Oliver is the dad of three kids, two sons and one daughter. Kristen came to Oliver during a basketball activity because she was feeling uncomfortable in her hair. She found Oliver to be a trusted person to help. Finally, Oliver styled her in a ponytail. He admits that he frequently styles his daughters’ hair. Kristen’s mom, Miyah Cleckley, felt grateful to the teacher. She felt relieved that her daughter was in safe hands.

Cleckley said that her husband often does the same task as she has five daughters, and when she is off to work, her husband takes up the load of styling hair.We want more teachers like that, who can take responsibility and provide a safe environment for children’s development. Kudos to you, Mr Jonathan Oliver.