She Walked To Her Fast-Food Job For 7 years, Now Customer Surprised Her With A Brand New Car

The act of the people from Tappahannock, Virginia, is gaining much and much appreciated as well as likes on social media for their kind-heartedness and helpful gesture. The story is of some members of the community who used to see an old senior lady who used to work in a fast-food restaurant.

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Lisa Bateman, a senior lady who works in a fast-food restaurant used to please people with her smiling face and friendly behavior with all her customers. All of the customers in that fast food restaurant used to appreciate and adorn the lade for their friendly behavior and smiling face that makes their ordinary experience extraordinary. Customers at that restaurant revealed that Bateman, despite her old age, still managed to remember the order of frequently visiting customers.

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She used to ask her regular customers if they would like to repeat their regular orders. The lady is reported to be smart enough to recognize their customers with their voices. Two of the typical customers of that fast food restaurant namely Jason Cunningham and Jaki Vazquez used to appreciate Bateman for her amazing behavior and enjoy being in the old lady’s company even for only a few minutes a day.

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But, when they both come to know that the 60-year-old lady needs to walk one mile daily in order to come to work, they feel very sorry for her. They wanted to help the lady with something special in order to make her realize that they also care for her. This leads them to create a GoFundMe page in order to raise funds for helping the senior lady. They managed to raise around $4200 for Bateman which is more than sufficient for a used car.  Cunningham then with the money gets a used 2007 Buick.

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He with many more people waited outside the fast-food restaurant in order to wait for Lisa’s Shift to end. Then, they handed the key to the new car to Bateman and recorded her reaction. She buried her face in her hand out of joy and thanked all for the most utility resource for her. The community of Tappahannock showed from their kind gestures that they might be from a small town but are having a really big heart!