Tom Hardy All Set To Replace Daniel Craig As The Next James Bond, According To Rumors – VIDEO

With Craig having exu-ded style, charisma, and a touch of darkness during his time as James Bond, the boots he leaves behind will take some filling.

If rumors prove to be true, however, the spy series will see a worthy successor with Tom Hardy, an actor who I can very much already see bringing something new and interesting to the role. The Vulcan Reporter’s Emre Kaya, has reported having learned of the casting of Hardy.

Noting that rumors have been flying around about different actors for some time, Kaya wrote: I also hope you understand that I am not the type to just take a popular fancast and run with it as a scoop.

I expect the people who follow my scoops and know my credibility to help me with making this article stand out in comparison to the articles from the other news websites I mentioned earlier. According to Kaya, the new Bond announced was due to be announced in November, however, it’s believed this will now be delayed due to Covid-19.

It’s ant-icipated that the announcement will still come out this year, or at some point in early 2021 if No Time to D!e ends up being delayed again. This isn’t the first time Hardy has been spoken about in relation to this role. In 2017, Christopher Nolan, who many fans hope will be involved in future Bond movies, told the hosts of MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast that ‘he’d be amazing. He really would’.

The official syn-opsis for No Time To D!e is as follows: Recruited to rescue a k!dnapped scientist, globe-tro-tting spy James Bond finds himself h-ot on the trail of a mysterious v!llain, who’s armed with dan*erous new technology.Fans will see the return of Dr. Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux), American CIA ally Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and Blofeld (Christopher Waltz).

Lashana Lynch will take up the role as the new 007 in the field following Bond’s retirement while Ana de Armas will play Paloma. Craig is currently the longest-running 007 in Bond history, having be-aten Roger Moore’s 12-year record. No Time To D!e will hit UK cinemas on November 12, later releasing in the US on November 20.

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