Travis Scott Gifts Special Yellow Bus To His 3 Year Old Daughter Stormi On Birthday

Travis Scott’s somewhat unusual choice of birthday gift for his daughter Stormi has caused quite the stir on social media. The rapper, also widely acclaimed for his work in the fashion world, surprised Stormi on her birthday with a yellow school bus, raising a lot of eyebrows in the process.

Stormi’s mum, Kylie Jenner, took to Instagram Stories to document the moment the toddler discovered her present, sharing a series of photos that left many baffled on Twitter. “All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus. Daddy surprised her,” Jenner wrote in one story, explaining the slightly bizarre gift.

This prompted one particularly confused Twitter user to post the snap, proclaiming: “RICH PEOPLE ARE SO W-EIRD,” a sentiment which has since received almost 70,000 likes at the time of writing.

The same person followed that up with another of Jenner’s Stories, which showed Stormi stood at the back of empty bus. Alongside that image, the Twitter user wrote: “IM SI-CK .” Summing up the feelings of many people who suggested that Kylie and Travis were appropriating working class iconography, one person replied by asking: “Why do they show this stuff to our poor asses?”

Another added: “So out of touch with reality. Stormi isn’t even going to remember this experience.” While a third wrote: “Alternatively they could just send her to school! And a bus would come pick her up!”

Yet another user shared a reference to the award-winning film Parasite, which is largely seen as a commentary on the growing gap between poor and wealthy in society. However, plenty of others saw no issue with the gift, jumping to the parents’ defence and insisting Scott had simply gotten his daughter something she really wanted for her birthday.

One wrote: “How y’all gonna be mad on how other people spend they money. Make it make sense.” A second person agreed, asking: “What’s weird about giving your child what they want?”

However, that comment was met with the response: “What’s weird is being so wealthy and privileged that you can buy a school bus because your child wants to walk in it.” The debate continues. Earlier in the week, ET reported that Scott and Jenner were expecting their second child, with an anonymous source telling the publication: “Kylie and Travis are expecting their second child together.

“The couple is very excited to have another kid and give Stormi a sibling. “Kylie and Travis have talked about growing their family for a while and have always been on the same page with wanting more kids.” However, the two are yet to confirm whether news or the pregnancy is accurate or not.