True Love: Nurse, 27, With Heart Problem Collapsed And Passed Away In Boyfriend’s Arms

A bubbly young nurse may have had a hidden heart problem which became fa-tal when she dra-nk too much at a party before colla-psing and passes away in her boyfriend’s arms.

An inquest heard friends and relatives of tr-agic 27-year-old Luci Young were sho-cked when she suddenly leaned forward and keeled over at a birthday bash.

Luci’s partner of six years noticed she was slu*ring her words and su-spected she was dr-unk. The coroner heard that while enjoying the festivities on July 12 this year, the nurse slu-mped forward in her chair and began “sno-rting” before her friends realized she was unresponsive.

Partygoers began to p-anic and called 999. Paramedics arrived within 13 minutes and attempted to resu-scitate Luci.Surrey Police received a call from the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAM) after the young woman, from West Molesey, Surrey, had gone through a card!ac arr-est and upon arrival, officers described the scene as “cha-otic.”

Luci was declared de-ad at the scene in Cobham, Surrey, in front of her deva-stated partner Tade Akinbiyi, friends and family. Her mum Toni said in a statement: “Luci was born prematurely at 32 weeks and she excelled in life. She liked to solve problems and was very good at studying.

“I was very proud of her and will miss her greatly.” Mr. Akinbiyi organized a balloon send-off for Luci and raised more than £5,000 on JustGiving for her fun-eral and headstone. He wrote: “Luci was truly a special person and the most beautiful soul. Luci’s love spread far and wide and that was plain to see on the day.

“I miss you so much it is beyond belief, the road ahead will be hard but I know there will be a day I will see you again.”But until then I will lead my life the way you would have wanted with the lessons you have taught me. I owe it all to you sweetheart, you have shaped me into the man I have become. I love you always and forever.”

Sitting at Woking Coroner’s Court, assistant Surrey coroner Dr. Karen Henderson confirmed that her loss was as a result of ca-rdiac arrh-ythmia and was alc*hol-related. Among the tributes, Luci’s aunt Helen Young said: “What can I say, I feel like I have been to-rn apart yet again.”To lose a brother is bad enough, but to lose his only daughter is to-rture. Why was our Luci taken from us too? A beautiful, intelligent, caring, and loving person is taken at such a young age. “Life is so cr*el. God bless you, my darling niece. My love and k!sses always.”And David, you look after your little girl now. Keep her safe and warm and cuddle her forever in your arms.”

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