Meet Lucy and Maria Aylmer Twin Sisters Celebrating Being The Same But Different

You could have heard numerous stories of indistinguishable twins, making individuals befuddled about which one is who. Yet, these twin sisters from Gloucester, England stand apart totally unique in relation to one another. Twin sisters Lucy and Maria Aylmer acquired ubiquity for their unimaginable differences. For instance, Lucy is lighter looking with straight red hair, while Maria has dark wavy hair and light-earthy colored skin.

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As per CNN, Lucy and Maria are little girls of Donna Aylmer, who is part-Jamaican and has one black and one white parent, and Vince Aylmer, who is white. They likewise have three different kids, who seem as though them. Along these lines, Lucy says that when she was a child, many individuals imagined that she was embraced.

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She added: “It was quite hard … It happened in optional school also, and it wasn’t exceptionally great.” The twins were brought into the world in January 1997 and their mother depicted how astonished they were at the point at which they originally saw their infants. “It was such a shock for her since things like skin tone don’t appear on examines before birth. So she had no clue that we were so unique. Whenever the birthing specialist gave us both to her she was simply astounded.”

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The twins have other three kin also and their highlights sit somewhere close to the twins. Unfortunately, it wasn’t straightforward for twins to depict what is going on to individuals while growing up. Lucy shared, “Our family has a skin which is in the middle of Maria and I. We are at the furthest edges of the range and they are altogether someplace in the middle.

However, my grandma has an exceptionally fair English rose appearance, very much like mine. “Afterward, twins shared that in addition to the fact that they are differentiating in appearance in different viewpoints too. Lucy loves more relaxed equipment and has a confined character though Maria is to a greater degree an extrovert and her it is different dress style. Contrasts even reached out to their inclinations, which brought about them moving into various professions subsequent to finishing secondary school.