Tyler Perry Donated $100k To Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Legal Defense Fund

On Sunday, Dec. 13, the “Madea” creator made four separate contributions to a GoFundMe established as a legal def-ense fund for Ke-nneth Walker, the boyfriend of late ER technician, Bre-onna Taylor, a Bla-ck woman who was sh-ot and k!lled by white police in her Louisville, Kentucky, home during a bo-tched ra!d in March.

Walker is being su-ed by Jonathan Mattingly, one of the officers involved in the sh*oting, in a countercla!m to the su!t Walker filed aga!nst the police department and local government.

Mattingly cla!ms he was str-uck in the thigh by the wa-rning sh-ot Walker f!red as the officers ba-rged in on a “no-kn-ock wa-rrant.”

Walker’s attorney, Steve Romines, has maintained Mattingly was more likely inju-red by one of the 32 sh-ots f!red by police, according to an October report from CNN.

In his initial lawsu!t aga!nst the police department and local government, Walker sought immunity from cha-rges related to Mattingly’s inj-ury, citing Kentucky’s “stand your ground” law for residents who, like Walker, are permitted to carry and use f!rearms in self-defe-nse.

Walker and neighbors who were home during the sh*oting have repeatedly said police never announced themselves before entering the home, so-calling to look for evidence Taylor’s ex used her address to transport dr*gs.

Screensh-ots from Walker’s GoFundMe published by TMZ on Sunday show Perry donated $10,000 twice within a matter of minutes to the fund. A few minutes later, he donated another $50,000, followed by the fourth donation of $30,000.

According to the website’s sources, Perry started funneling money into the GoFundMe after it sta-lled in earnings at just under $10,000. The producer’s contributions k!cked it above the $100,000 goal. As of Sunday afternoon, Walker’s defe-nse fund was up to $100,970.

Perry’s charitable giving stre-ak has been a trend over the course of the pa-ndemic and ongoing prote-sts aga!nst systemic rac!sm and police brutal!ty this year. Over the summer, the producer offered to pay for the fun-eral of Rashard Brooks, a Black man who was sh-ot in the back by a white police officer after resisting arr-est when the officer found him sleeping in his car in a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta.

Perry later sent 1,000 gift cards for the Atlanta grocery store Kroger to local police, asking them to visit neighbors door-to-door and give the cards away in the interest of forg!ng healthier connections between police and residents in his hometown. Earlier in the year, he picked up the tab for elderly grocery shoppers in both Atlanta and New Orleans, where he was born.

Perry also reportedly put up Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at his mansion in Los Angeles when they relocated to California and covered the rent for former Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz and his family after he was f!red because of a che-ating sc-andal.

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