Vanessa Bryant Shared Slew Of Photos And Videos From The Trip To Sea World

Vanessa Bryant clos-ed out her weekend with a fun-filled trip to SeaWorld, with her two youngest daughters, Bianka, 4, and Capri, 1. The 39-year-old wi*o! of l*te NBA superstar Kobe Bryant shared a slew of photos and videos from the trip on her Instagram on Sunday.


The barr-age of posts started on Sunday evening with a snap of the mother and her young daughters next to a Dine With Elmo And Friends sign. She continued with a snap of Bianka flashing a bri*ht smile while watching a pair of dolphins swim in the glass tank in front of her.

Bryant also shared a brief video of Bianka standing on the edge of the tank with a SeaWorld trainer, who tells her the dolphin has a ‘special button’ on her head.

When Bianka touches the ‘special button,’ the dolphin makes a funny noise, which causes the youngster to laugh with delight.


She also shared three snaps of Bianka, a.k.a. ‘B.B.’ posing with the dolphin, Melanie, touching her snout and her fins. Bryant also shared a video where both Bianka and Capri, a.k.a. Koko, were tossing leaves of lettuce into a pool for a number of large turtles and other animals to eat.

Vanessa couldn’t help but laugh as both of Koko’s attempts to toss the lettuce into the pool fell a b*t sho*t. She also shared photos of the large turtles swimming up to the lettuce leaves before they started eating.

Bryant also shared a snap of her getting up close with a seal, along with a snap of Vanessa and friends Kid Jay, a local L.A. DJ, and his wife Araceli.


She also shared photos and videos from the shank tank, with a video of a hamm-erhead shark swimming near the glass. Bryant also shared a photo of her kissing a large beluga whale named Ferdinand, adding, ‘Re-enacted a photo I took with Ferdinand 16 years ago.’

Her last post featured a photo of a r*ller coaster, adding, ‘Just @kidjayjw and I riding another r*ller coaster.’

She also shared a photo of her and the DJ all strapp-ed in, along with a video of them both in the front car riding the coaster.