Every Year This Widow Wore Her 20-Year Bridal Gown To The 9/11 Memorial To Honour Her Husband

The scars of the 9/11 attack are still alive among people who lost their loved ones. We must never forget that day when the twin towers were razed into ashes after an aeroplane hit them. Monica Iken-Murphy married Michael Iken on October 27, 2000. She enjoyed 11 months of her wedding with her husband. On September 11, 2001, her husband kissed her, said goodbye, and went on.

He works at the South Tower of the World Trade Center on the 84th floor. She never expected it to be his last goodbye. When the aeroplane hit the tower, Michael first called her to inform her that things were under control. Later, however, Monica could sense panic in his voice when he next called. He told her that people were jumping out of windows to save lives.

Monica did not receive the mortal remains of her 37-year-old husband, who lost his life in the attack. She agrees that the marriage was cut short by the pain of losing him and is still unbearable. Monica had not moved on after 21 years of his death. She has just moved in with what life has given her. To honour her husband, she founded the Iken Science Academy on the Upper East Side under his name.

It is the first STEM school for children below five years of age. Monica protested against the reconstruction of towers on the same site. She became an activist for preserving the site and advocated for the memorial construction. She claims that those lives must be honoured and that we cannot build concrete structures over the wailing souls. George Pataki, then New York governor, appreciated Monica.

He said that many believed in moving on and rebuilding the twin towers. Monica, however, has been sensitive to the place. She most certainly deserves credit for all the efforts she put in. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Monica paid tribute to Michael by going to the monument in their wedding dress. The dress she wore when they took their vows.

She emotionally shared that she was looking forward to having a family with Michael before he died. Monica is now married to Bob Murphy, an FDNY firefighter. She admits to loving two people. She is now a mother of two kids. Bob understands her wife’s feelings for her late husband. She feels blessed to have Bob in her life and two stunning girls.

We can feel Monica’s pain. Words can never define the depth of her pain. We are glad to know she has married again and is living a happy life. Some wounds never heal. A sensitive partner can make the hurt less painful.