Will Smith Shared First Trailer From ‘The Fresh Prince’ Reunion Special On HBO Max This November – VIDEO

If it wasn’t enough to get a Friends and a Saved By The Bell reunion/reboot, we are also getting a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. The best part is that we finally have our first look at the trailer for the reunion, according to US Weekly.

There are just some TV shows that will always remain classics. Shows that mom grew up watching before and after school, and on the weekdays.

These shows are so iconic that parents are introducing them to their children. Streaming services are letting us all relive the classics and bringing them forward into the present.

It is also allowing for some remakes and reunions to happen, and there are so many in the works to be excited about. The excitement is even more so because we are all still living in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pa-ndemic and we need some new content.

The trailer was also brought to us by none other than the fresh prince himself, Will Smith. He posted it on his YouTube channel and shared an introduction before airing it.

He told fans that they had probably seen the picture he had shared hinting at the reunion where he was with the entire cast, but that fans are definitely not ready for the trailer. The reunion trailer shows the cast reminiscing over the popular sitcom that aired 30 years ago.

The clip is two minutes long, and it shows the main cast along with DJ Jazzy Jeff, sitting in the familiar living room at the Banks’ residence. They spoke about what they remembered from the show and the great “vibe” the cast had when they were all together filming. They also spoke about some of the challenges they faced and how a lot of them were a little hes!tant to do the show. Looking back, we are so thankful they did because their roles are iconic.

Unfortunately, there is one person who was noticeably missing from the reunion and that is James Avery. James passed away in 2013 and the cast did mention his loss and paid tribute to him. James played Uncle Phil, and his relationship with Will was one of the highlights of the entire show.

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