Woman, 40 Arrested For Be-ating Her Dad, 59, Because He’s Fa-rting Too Much

According to an ar*est affidavit, Nicole Dozois, 40, shares a bedroom with her 59-year-old dad. One night, around 2 AM, Dozois ‘became a*g*y’ with her father due to his excessive fla*ulence. A verbal alte*cation ens*ed.

The daughter’s a*ger then turned phys!cal. During the heated arg*ment, Dozois pu*ched her father in the face several times.

Upon responding to the residence, officers found the v!ctim with a bl*odied left eye and scr*tches all over his neck.

The officers arr*sted Dozois for dom*stic battery and booked her into the county ja!l. However, she pleaded not gu!lty to the misde*eanor cha*ges.

The court later released her on own recognizance. And the judge ordered her to stay away from her ga*sy dad. Dozois has previously been arr*sted on cha*ges of th*ft and pro*ation vi*lations. Police records also show officers ar*ested her in 2018 for pu*ching her sister in the head.

Pro*ecutors, however, later decided not to pursue dom*stic battery cha*ges aga!nst her.The state of Florida is no*orious for some of the most bizarre and often hilarious cr!me episodes.Recently, Florida cops arr*sted another woman after she elbowed, k!cked, and scra*ched her spouse due to his repeated fa*ting in bed, The Sm*king G*n reported.

Dawn Meikle, 55, faced misde*eanor charge following a 3 AM confrontation in Port St. Lucie home she shared with her husband, Donald.As detailed in the ar*est affidavit, Donald told cops that ‘while he was lying in bed, he passed g*s. The fa*ts prompted Dawn to begin ‘elb*wing him on his arm.’ When Donald’s fla*ulence continued, the wife began h!tting him and then k!cked him out of their bed.Donald told officers that the wife later allowed him back to bed, where he ‘passed g*s again.’Not surprising, the wife ‘elb*wed and k!cked him again. And as he so*ght to restra!n her, she scra*ched him numerous times across his ch*st.

Cops said that Donald underwent four or five six-inch scra*ches on his ch*st. During police questioning, Dawn said that she had asked Donald several times to stop passing g*s in their bed. But when his fla*ulence pers!sted, she elb*wed and ki*ked him.As the f!ght and fla*ulence continued, she ran to the bathroom to call 911. And to keep her husband out of the restroom, she sprayed pepper spray in the air.

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