Woman Falls In Love With Sugar Daddy After He Buys Her £340k House And £40k Car

We all strive for true love that makes us feel safe and secure. But it is also true that love is blind and never considers social status, age, or gender. It is a surprising story of a 31-year-old woman who falls in love with a man twice her age. The man gave her a car and a house. Now the couple is planning to get married.

Damea Williams, who hails from Atlanta, was fed up dealing with relationships with young men or men of her age. They either cheated on her or were incompatible. None could provide her with the emotional and financial stability she yearned for in life. She posted on Facebook that she is searching for men 50 years old or more for a relationship. The reason was to get financially stable and have a secure life.

Her search got over after meeting James Parker. Damea was not sure at the beginning. Soon she found a loving person residing within him. James also found Damea a loving and caring person. James Parker fulfilled all her requirements. The couple started with an odd date. They never thought they would come so far with the relationship. While dating, James found something special in Damea and moved ahead in their relationship.

James bought a new car worth £40,000 for her to go around the city when her car got stolen. The couple started dating each other in November 2017. The couple loves to spend quality time together. They love to explore life and have fun together. James is always around whenever she needs him. James even helped Damea financially whenever required.

He always helped her and spent time with her. James bought a house for her in 2019, where she was living alone until James decided to live with her. The bond became so strong that the couple got engaged in March 2018 and wished to be married in Las Vegas this year. Damea has no issues with ageing James. She finds him an active and high-energy man. She wants no more drama in her life and calls James a perfect person for her. He always encourages her to live life on her terms. Money sure played a vital role in the love lives of James and Damea.