Woman Goes 10,000kms To Destroy A Lock Love, She Shared With Her Ex- Boyfriend

A woman has taken petty to another level by flying 10,000kms across the Pacific Ocean to d*str*y a love lock she shared with her e-x-boyfriend. Kassie Yeung and her former partner went to the N Seoul Tower in South Korea back in 2019 and did what every basic couple has done in the past two decades.

They bought a c*te little lock from a store, wr*te their names on it and clipped it alongside hundreds of other declarations of love at the Korean tower. Two years on, it appears the 23-year-old has had a change of he-art.

The TikTokker has documented her journey from Los Angeles to South Korea during a p*ndem!c mind you) to finally r*d herself of the past.

In the video, which has amass-ed nearly five million views, she admits she’s a ‘petty motherf****r’ but she doesn’t care. Kassie went on a plane, bus and cable car to return to the spot where she and her ex-partner made their commitment.

She pick-ed up a trusty pair of pl!ers before h*k-ing to the summit and she managed to find her lock amongst all the others that had gathered since she was last there.

The video ends with the br*k*n lock in her hands and she looks pretty bl***y st-ok-ed to finally have that relationship memento gone. It’s unclear whether she flew from the United States to South Korea purely for this mission or whether she was going over there for a different reason and tapped the love lo-ck task onto the rest of her itinerary.

But it’s clear people absolutely support Kassie in her pe-ttin-ess.

One person wrote: “I mean this with the utm*st respect when I say this but I fear you.”

Another added: “The dedication. Because I don’t even know where my one is.”

Loads of people in the comments section also declared they really want to return to Paris and take theirs down, with the French capital being one of the most popular locations to create a love lo-ck. Plenty of locations in Paris have been infiltrated by the lo-cks and it eventually got to such a point that it began ruining the infr*struct*re.

The New York Times reported the city of Paris removed around 45,000kgs of love-ly metal in 2015. You can imagine all those couples thinking their commitment was still standing and yet it’s all gone.